Inspiration can be found in so many places. Your Instagram photo log [url: @fostermoms] is one of those places. Where do you find the inspiration for your photographs and musings?

Can you describe a moment you've had recently where you've found inspiration in the little things? I'm so big on this. In a world like the one we're in today, it's easy to get caught up. Your photographs always remind me of the times I remember there's more to life. So: Inspiration from the little things. Maybe like a moment where you didn't have your phone or camera with you but either wished you did or captured it in your memories.

Tell us a bit about you; both as a couple and as individuals, both as Therapist Mom and Artist Mom, and you as a whole. How did you meet? Did you always know you wanted a family?

Have you always been into photography? How did you get into it? A friend of mine once chastised me for documenting everything on camera but if you have the eye, you have it right?

What sort of equipment do you use or would you recommend? I know a lot of your photographs are taken on iPhone, so in that case, are there any apps you swear by or any tricks you use to display your photos on Instagram in such great quality?

Onto more serious topics such as adoption, was it always something that you wanted to look into? [ed. Note, reword: my best friend's mum was a foster carer for nearly 30 yrs and she's one of the strongest & most selfless people I've known] Like you guys, she started with fostering, and wound up adopting three children -- one of which exceeded every expectation put on him. Did you have adoption in mind when you started fostering, or did it take you by surprise?

Is transracial adoption harder than other types of adoption? Being a same sex couple too, actually. Are there any hurdles you had to take, adopting both transracially and as a same sex couple, that you might not have had under other circumstances? Be it within the system or within the community?

You're looking to make the move north to a city that has more opportunities for your children like a better school system and better social support, which makes total sense. That's actually how I heard about your family -- via the lovely Rachael Cantu's instagram [url: raca] -- it was a call to arms for the worldwide community to step in and help all they can, via a moving fundraiser [url: gofundme/fostermoms].

The thing that struck me the most about this was how much you value spreading the word and sharing the love. That your ask was for people to walk alongside you in any way they can. Ultimately though, you do have a goal and I can't think of a family more deserving to reach it, and even ten bucks times a hundred people adds up. I think I learned that in maths!

What else can we do to help spread the word?

What are you up to at the moment and what's up next? What will your ideal world look like in, say, a year? (It's always a hard question to answer, but if you were to answer it in this moment even if it's subject to change, be it to do with outside circumstances or just plain life, really).

Is there anybody else out there that inspires you both in your work, activism, or just life? Anybody that we should know about or take time out of our days to learn of?

Finally, what advice would you give to women out there who want to make a change? For themselves or heck, for the world.

Thank you for taking the time to do this! Super appreciated. I hope this helps spread the word even more.